V Spray Tanning
Get a beautiful even tan without the sun.

Facials Galore!
We combine the latest technology with a gentle touch.

Licensed Acupuncturist at V Spa
Customized to your unique body.

V Spa Nails

Vamp up your hands and feet.

Our professional nail technicians will shape, file soak and beautify your nails. From tips to glue manicures to special Spa treatment type services, we offer a wide array of services for both the hands and feet. Our nail services are always a step up above the usual nail salons. We use ultra moisturizing hot cream and use our own in house scrubs for our pedicures.

Nail Color Collection

Pick a color… Any Color

From our extensive color collection. We get the newest colors so even your nails can match that hot new color of the moment. We use Essie Nail Polish, link essie to www.essie.com internationally recognized for it’s fashion forward colors.

V Spa Manicure & Pedicure

Our take on the essentials with a vis-a-joy touch.

Quick Break Manicure & Pedicure - 25 – When your in a rush, give your hands a quick break. In minutes, your hands and feet will be clean, shaped, massaged, and polished before you know it.

V Basic Hot Cream Manicure - 10

We’ll cut, file, trim, moisturize using our special made hot cream massage and polish your nails to pretty perfection.

Green Tea Spa Manicure - 30

After your nails have been filed and buffed, they’ll be massaged and drenched with rich moisturizing cream, dipped in hydrating paraffin wax, wrapped, unwrapped, polished and Viola! So silky smooth and gorgeous you’ll want to hold your own hand.

V Basic Hot Cream Pedicure - 25

We’ll groom your tootsies with precision then we’ll follow with our own homemade exfoliating scrub made from sugar (so nice!). After that a soothing foot and leg massage with hot cream to make them feel even nicer. The finale? A picture perfect polish.

Green Tea Spa Pedicure - 50

After pushing and clipping your feet will be scrubbed till they’re baby soft and massaged till your feet and legs feel like butter. Then you’ll be covered in paraffin, wrapped, unwrapped. Of course, your feet will be perfected and polished by one of our talented technicians.

Hot Stone Therapy Manicure - 30 & Hot Stone Therapy Pedicure- 50
Green tea for heavenly, you could call it east meets west for your hands and feet. You will receive a holistic reflexology massage, a vitamin C rub, and a de-stressing chi stone therapy in addition to out V manicure. Indeed, heaven for your hands and feet.

Princess Honey Manicure - 20 & Princess Honey Pedicure - 40

Designed and tested to maximize relaxation and minimize tension, pamper your hands and feet with our uniquely innovative manicure and pedicure. Beginning with a well needed cleaning, shaping, and cuticle trim, your hands or feet will be thoroughly vivid when they are exfoliated using our special sea scrubs resting in a mineral-rich soak infused with antiseptic and antioxidant properties. Later, a multivitamin cuticle serum and an anti-aging paraffin wax masque is given for a refreshing handful delight. Finishing off with a reflexology massage and the polish of your choice, it is strictly innovative.

Quick Break Manicure & Pedicure - 25
- When your in a rush, give your nails a quick break. In minutes, your hands and feet will be clean, shaped, massaged, and polished before you know it.

Change of Polish -7

French Manicure -15
Gel Manicure -15
Silk Set -45
Acrylic Set -30
Silk Fill-in -30
Powder Acrylic Fill-in -25

We also do nail designs, fillings, natural extensions, and tipsets. Don’t hesitate to call or drop an email at Vspa@myVspa.com if you have any questions.

Click here for our full price list! They're so good.

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