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Our hair technicians are experienced, creative, and have a sense of fashion and flair. Now that’s not to say you cannot get your run of the mill trim here. Our hair artists will give you the best look to compliment your lifestyle and your preferences. We offer everything from highlights, coloring, to blow-dry special occasion up dos and one of a kind cuts.

Featured Service

Hair Extensions

Ever wonder how those movie stars and models seem to have such gorgeous flowing locks?

Let’s just say they’re not born like that…

Whether you need just a little to pump up your look or you want to channel Cher, our award winning professional will help you go from blah to Voluminous.

Chic cuts and haute couture styling doesnít mean you always have to go into Manhattan. Our stylists are internationally educated and have perfected their craft in such places as London and Seoul and of course in Manhattan. Coming to V Spa should be like a mini-getaway and we are very close to the beach so for those of you who are commuting from Manhattan can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and take full advantage of this getaway.

Our staff has a low key attitude and we have all the service and savoir faire of a salon at a top Manhattan spot without the attitude or the inflated prices.

We are a full service salon and offer cuts, perms, straitening, deep conditioning treatments, color, highlights, styling, and more.

Womenís Haircut - $45 and up
Menís Haircut includes wash & style- $25 and up
Children under 12 - $20

Blow Dry - $35
Press and Curl/Flat Iron - $50 and up
Special Occasion Styling - $70 and up

Bridal Trial- $70

Bridal Hair - $75 and up

Highlights - $120 and up
Hairline Highlight- $95
Single Process - $60

Hairline Single Process - $25

Single & Highlights - $160 & up

Single & Highline Highlights- $140


Conditioning - $25
Trawi Conditioning - $50

Hair Clinic - Using the latest technology, we analyze and pinpoint your hair/scalp condition. We provide the methods and products to then improve your hair and scalp for maximum health. $90


Perms/Body Wave - $80 and up
V Relaxer - $75 and up
Hair Straightening - $200 and up

Japanese Hair Straightening - nothing works better. Our Japanese Hair straightening system is directly imported from Japan and leaves hair soft and straight. Everyone will be impressed$350 and up

Special Requests and Hair Extensions - Please call us for consultation!

See what our award winning hair stylists can do for you. Call or e-mail Vspa@pennvsig.com to make an appointment.

Click here for our full price list! They're so good.

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