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Our body treatment services encompass a full senses experience. The body services provide the best combination of nature and innovation. However, we always try to keep all our mediums as natural as possible. Most of our scrubs are made in house using organic oil and all natural ingredients.

In moving with innovation, we also offer different massage techniques to suit your body’s needs. Let us help you to de-tox and de-stress.

Featured Services

V Pour Vous Massage - 80

This massage uses different massage techniques to work best on where you need it the most.

Spray Tanning - part & sessions

In moving with innovation, we offer spray tanning. No more stained hands and no more mess. Look gorgeous and bronzed without the beach and without the fear of sun damage. Our spray tans are FDA approved.

Take it off!

Our waxing specialist will get you smooth and silky all over so you won稚 have to be afraid to show it off.

Body Treatments

Very Citrus Body Scrub - 75

We exfoliate your body using our custom made lemon, orange and sugar scrub leaving you feeling ultra smooth all over. After a Vichy shower, you値l receive a creamy hydrating rub down to soothe and refresh. When you feel life is only giving you lemons, at least we can make some lemonade.

Coffee Escape Body Treatment - 85
This is not just a coffee break this is a full getaway. We use the invigorating benefits of ground coffea arabica with the calming and restorative benefits of milk as the main ingredients. We combine those things with sugar to promote the removal of dead skin cells. Of course at the end, you値l be drenched in our creamy body moisturizer. We値l leave your skin feeling tighter and more energized.

V Back Treatment - 85
Facial procedure on your back to help smooth and clear those problem acne areas for that trip to the beach or that night out. Best done a couple of days before you have to present your best. Can also be done for chest instead.

Color Me V Body Treatment - 85
After a full body buff using our scrubs, we値l hose you down, moisturize, and spray you all over with a coat of even color. You値l look bronzed and beautiful. If anyone asks about your tan, tell 粗m you just came back from Saint Tropez.

Thai Coconut Scrub - 85
A cleansing, exfoliating and cooling body scrub using rice powder, hand-ground mature coconut, azuki beans, vertiver root and essential oil of vanilla. Suitable for sensitive or sunburned skin, this soft natural cleanser is both refreshing and gentle.

V- Slim Marine Detox Wrap - 125
The marine seaweed body pack, our firming cream, and our full doing wrap promote lymph drainage concurrently relaxes, moisturizes, and slims the body. Once a week is best but even if you can稚 splurge on yourself it痴 one of those treats you値l just have to try.

- Relaxation in minutes, Rejuvenation on tap!

Deep Tissue
Reflexology Chi
Hot Stone

Note: Please feel free to let us know how to make your message as relaxing as possible. Leave on a little or a lot but always feel free to tell us. We even have massage clothes. Voila.

In< creating our body treatments and organic in house made scrubs these are some of the different ingredients we use:

Essential Oils
Vitamin E
Sea Salt

V Pour Vous Massage (60min)- 80
This is our customized massage tailored just for your specific needs. Using an array of different massage techniques including Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep Tissue and even Reflexology, our massage technician will determine the best methods to provide muscular relief and serenity.

Shiatsoothe Massage (45min) - 65
Using Shiatsu, the Eastern massage focusing on pressure points, we値l break down evil toxin build-up and simulate the muscles. You値l come out feeling Shiatusoothed.

Reflexology Massage (45min) - 65
Reflexology is a centuries old Eastern way of massage based on the principle that reflex points on the feet relate to different points and organs in the body. Using elements of finger pressure point massage we値l release the blockages of 田hi?to create more balance in your body.

Deep Tissue Massage (60min) - 80
Our deep tissue massage will knead you into perfect relaxation. Whether you keep them on your shoulders or just in your head, we値l go in deep and strong to massage some of your burdens away?br>
Swedish Massage (60min) - 80
For when you want a gentle calming massage to ease daily stress off your body. We use long strokes and kneading on the external layers of the muscles.

V Senses Hot Stone Massage (60min) - 95
We harness the 田hi?energizing power of volcanic lava stones and the calming power of aromatic oils. We anoint you and the stones with oils and knead your body to soothe sore weary muscles. Then we値l place heated stones along the body痴 vital 田hi?areas to
de-stress and surround you in warmth.

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